What Is Project #151?

Project #151 is the modeling, 3D printing and painting of the original 151 Kanto Pokemon all in 50mm (approx) mini figure, collectable size.

I loved Pokemon growing up as a kid, and the original 151 were just the most iconic, best Pokemon ever! Whilst there are plenty of Pokemon available to buy, its hard to find a decent similar collection of the original 151, so I set out with my 3D printer on finding, buying and modeling, resizing and editing files to ensure they were similar displayable size, and started printing and painting them up.

Because I want them all in my personal collection, I want to be able to offer the same models to everyone else who is a Pokemon fan, and collector!


So that’s what Project #151 is!

My own selfish nostalgia for the whole collection, which I wish to share with everyone else.