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FM Perfume Sample Holder



Ever needed to post some samples off to someone but didn’t want them damaged, or wanted to give nice little touch for your customer?

I originally designed a single holder for the safe posting of a single sample, where I could have a sticker on the flat rear with a small description, customers were amazed at how safe they looked on arrival and professional and informative they were.
I designed the extra holders to give a little option when a customer asked for a certain fragrance.
Finally I designed the 5 sample holder and box as I had nowhere to store and display the amount of samples I had in stock.
The holders snuggly fit the FM sample vials and the gap is 8mm. (so could store other sample bottles but this has not been tested). The holder and box are made from 3mm eco-friendly PLA and has enough protective strength against drops and postal damage. The back is flat so can apply a sticker.
The box will hold x10 of the 5 holders allowing up to 50 sample storage taking up minimal room.

*Samples are not included*

These will be sent usually in white, but other colours may be available, or send a message if you are after a certain colour for business branding.