Pokemon Clicker Game

After a long time of being out of game making (almost 10 years) – I decided to jump back in and make a game that would not only get me back into coding but its also allowed me and my boys to come up with ideas together – Yes they constantly play the game!


Gen I Pokemon, (with the exception of Pichu & Cleffa)


Mixed experience gains


Selling by experience


Pokemon merging


Increasing costs




Pokedex & Achievement Book


Original music & backgrounds

How To PLay

With the mouse!


Left click the EGG button to get your first egg.


Wait for it to hatch and then start clicking the newly hatched pokemon to give it experience and level it up. The more experience a pokemon has the greater the sell price


Right click to sell a pokemon!


You can also click and drag the pokemon over to the coin case button to sell.


Drag the same type of pokemon to merge them, this will merge the experience points.


Some pokemon will evolve using stones, drag these over to the stones at the top.


Have Fun

Any questions  or bug reports please send a message to: